We are excited to launch our first monthly blog post at the beginning of such an unpredictable year, 2021!


Hi all!


To start the year we have celebrated (with social distancing) finishing 2 sites ahead of the expected completion date in both cases. If you have ever worked with us before you would know we always look for reasons to celebrate, and for that reason, we have opened the new year by securing a new project in North-West London (our favourite area). We are very excited about this and are looking forward to telling you all about it soon enough.

For now, let us share with you what is currently happening. If you are following our social media (find links at the bottom if you aren’t), you would see that we love our project in Colindale. For those who don’t know, it is a 5 storey building that will contain 18 apartments. With luck, but mostly rigorous planning and hard work, we succeeded in pouring our concrete slab for the ground floor and have it rest and strengthen over the festive holidays, something we all very much needed. Though we are very early in the project, it is always a good sign when you are ahead of schedule and something we are proud of. Next Monday we will have our crane erected and we can really start speeding things up even more – this will be the first crane at M & Sons, yet again, another reason to celebrate!

2021, you best be ready.


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