Reflecting on progress!


Happy new month everyone!


With the first month of the new year ending, I thought this would be a good chance to go through our achievements since the turn of the year, and nothing starts a new month like a good old fashioned list:

  1. Ground floor slab – Completed
  2. Erected our crane being used by our trained operators – Completed
  3. First-floor slab – Pouring concrete today
  4. Began our site set up for a new project, a soon to be a beautiful new build house currently in the demolition stage
  5. Most importantly, making good progress with all of our works leading to happy employees, happy clients and a thriving company (Mind the cheese)!

Whilst we are not subtle about being proud of our on-going progress, we begin every month with reflecting on the previous one. The purpose of reflection is not only to analyse what works and doesn’t work and how to improve on it (as per my personal favourite Gibbs’s reflective cycle), but rather, I find it can also be a source of motivation through finding pride in what we do, heard it here first.

At the end of every month, we write monthly reports for our projects respectively that really allows us to actually look at our progress from an external perspective, outside of the intensity of the day to day tasks that get done. This really helps us analyse why what has gone well has gone well, and how to improve on what could have been carried out better. The beauty of our line of work is that at the beginning, building sites can look rough and dirty, yet at the end, you have your work in brick and mortar for all to see – each being unique in their own respective way, something I mention very often to those who know me.

For me its concrete and paint, for others it could be hitting sales targets, and others maybe their number of followers on the social media’s; the point is, everyone has their own indicators that need to be reflected on and appreciated. Find ’em, improve on ’em, and just enjoy ’em.


Over and out, have a fabulous February!


Have a look at some pictures below of what our sites can look like at the beginning of the process, and then at completion!