Time to meet the boss!


Another Monday, another post.


As promised, today we are introducing our CEO, Meni Edreyi. The DNA of this company runs through his blood; his ‘get it done’ mentality is what M & Sons lives and breathes by.


To get to know him, let’s start from the beginning. Coming from very humble beginnings, he arrived in England as a 26-year-old looking to provide for his family after selling his nationwide delivery company in Israel (believe it or not it is still running!). This journey started by building IKEA furniture for people around Edgware, his local area where he still lives. Fast forward 20 years, M & Sons have been building for people all over North-West London and growing exponentially. It would be criminal to say that the efficient mentality infused into the company doesn’t largely stem from Meni’s day-to-day decision making.


Today, Meni is well known in his trade with many major building suppliers and sub-contractors as an honest and direct businessman who just wants to work and succeed. There is a reason why the core of M & Sons is so strong, and that is due to the internal relationships built within the company, seeing the retention of our management team stay high, with a few of them staying with us for 10+ years. Meni is an integral part of building these relationships and is revered by many around him.


In his free time, Meni enjoys supporting Chelsea FC (through the thick and thin), skiing, playing pool and spending time in central London with his family and friends.


This week we are continuing our structural works in Colindale, setting up the formwork for our columns and first-floor slab, whilst doing the final touches to the crane to get it up and running. We are also working tirelessly on pricing up all the new projects we have in our pipeline. Considering the current national and global economic climate, this is very exciting and goes to show the strength of our company. We are looking forward to telling you about any new projects that we secure.


Have any questions? Please do not hesitate to contact us 🙂


Have a good week everyone!


Check out one of our projects we finished in Bushey, three newly built townhouses and one full conversion of a listed building to 6 beautiful apartments.