Is it scaffolding? Is it a digger? No, it’s a crane!


Hello again!


Monday morning, at 8 am sharp we had an exciting delivery from our friends at Nationwide Plant Solutions. This is something I have been working on making happen for the past 3 months. It was an interesting task as it was my first time dealing with cranes, and so, I was learning new things on a daily basis. I had to liaise with neighbours, councils, surveyors, temporary structural engineers and others – to say I was thrown into the deep end would be fair. However, using the resources around me and the wealth of experience I am surrounded by, today is the proud day I can say WE DID IT. The crane has been set up on-site and everything has gone as smoothly as can be expected.

Anyone that knows us knows that at M & Sons we love everyone that we work with and appreciate all their hard work, and so, I hope you read it but if not, hey ho. Colin, been a pleasure working with you, looking forward to the many more cranes we put up together.

In other news, after a less fun process of continuously changing the floor plan layouts to optimise space and practicality, a final layout has finally been approved for our site in Colindale through great work by our friends at Studio V Architects. This has been timed perfectly as we have now also got most of our formwork on-site and being set up in preparation for our next pour, first the columns, then the first-floor deck.

2021 has started with a bang for us at M & Sons and we are always excited to kick off another week.

Watch this space for more updates!


Check out our crane being set up here